The Georgia Kosmadaki beyond jewellery is an e-shop, built on the principles of handmade art, uniqueness, durability, high quality and great attention to detail that makes the difference.

Watching her mother knit for endless hours without complaining, but loving what she does and rewarded for her effort mentally and not materially, she taught her to have patience and perseverance, until her dreams come true. With these images in her mind, she was inspired to create from the very first beginning, things that would serve those around her and make their lives easier and more beautiful, full of color, optimism and a brighter future. Our goal is, for every person, to feel unique and secure with their choices by bringing our handmade products at all times and every day. This is the reason why we offer products with excellent quality-value-service throughout the world, to achieve a trusting relationship with our customers. Knitting is not only women's affair, but also, men’s affair who have been knitting since ancient times.

Georgia Kosmadaki, the designer and founder of Georgia Kosmadaki beyond jewellery is a creative woman, passionate for change and innovation, who loves Greece and wants to bring handmade knitwear and jewelry to a level recognized throughout the world, as appropriate by its history. She has meticulously ensured that all materials used are 100% friendly to the environment and meet the requirements of a clean and vibrant environment so that we can deliver it to our children as well.

All jewels are 925 silver with Swarovski crystals and some jewels have, of course, used extra small white zircons and sparkling pearls. All cord yarns are waterproof and manufactured from high quality and durable materials such as cotton, silk, polyester, viscose and high quality polypropylene. The metal accessories are made of high quality nickel, aluminum and iron. The leather accessories are made with respect to the natural environment, as nothing animal has been used throughout their production. After all, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, thus artificial (eco) skin can be found, even better or even more expensive than the natural.

All of our products are true creations of unparalleled beauty and luxury, as each of us deserves, and with your love you will give us even more strength and passion to continue creating even more quality and durability destinations for all of you who want to feel even more special.