Pay on delivery

In this case, the buyer pays the cash, the exact price of the products, to the employee of the cooperating courier company upon receipt of the order, and there is no additional cost to the customer. Caution! In the event that the order exceeds the total amount of EUR 250 it cannot be dispatched by cash and the customer will have to deposit the amount into our bank account (upon request), either by PayPal or by card payment. Prepayment incurs an extra cost of € 3.50 on the entire order.

By credit card or debit card

Using your credit / debit card is completely safe. Our online store has taken all necessary measures to ensure the security of our users' transactions through their cards, and credit card holders can also pay interest-free payments under the applicable commercial policy. By choosing this form of payment, the user will be transferred to the secure banking environment of Alpha Bank, where he will enter his card details to complete the transaction. The Company does not collect or retain credit card information of users. In case the credit card is not approved by the customer's / customer's bank, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order.

By PayPal

You will make your payment in the secure PayPal environment.

Bank account deposit

Our Company maintains bank accounts in which you can pay the price for your online transaction.


  • Eurobank EFK: GR7702602130000510201261776 ή 0026.0213.51.0201261776, BIC Number: ERBKGRAA
  • Piraeus: GR3701721530005153098166369 ή 515-3098166-369, BIC Number: PIRBGRAA
  • Alpha: 200002002043338, BIC Number: CRBAGRAA
  • Ethniki: GR0901104880000048800934407 ή 48800934407, BIC Number: ETHNGRAA

he name of the beneficiary in all 4 banks is: KOSMADAKI STAV GEORGIA